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For many years I have lived in Hilzingen, a small place near Singen/Hohentwiel in Southern Germany. My workshop in which I build the lyres is also situated in my home.

The craft of building lyres requires dedication, skill and diligence. I’ve studied the craft in the renowned workshop of Lothar Gärtner. He was a student of Rudolf Steiner. It was Steiner’s anthroposophic teaching and his own meditation that inspired him to recreate the sound instrument of the lyre. He said he wanted to build “a house for the sound”, an instrument that would correspond to his spiritual image of man.

I could not have found a better master than Lothar Gärtner. For many years I worked in his workshop.
I have built lyres for over thirty years now, the past few years in my own workshop.

A qualified training, long experience as a lyre builder and my passion for this instrument are your guarantee that each instrument will be perfect in its own way and an individual body of sound.

My instruments are, without exception, handmade and unique pieces. I give every instrument its individual character and a completely unique richness of sound. The type of wood also plays an essential role for the character of the sound. I mostly work with local woods.
I treat the surfaces of the instruments exclusively with natural varnish.

It’s not my intention to produce as many instruments as possible but to make them as good as possible – respectively to build exactly the instrument which is right for you as a musician, a therapist or a teacher. When a musician plays one of my instruments and I see a smile appear on his or her face then I know that I have succeeded.

So you may be assured that you’ll always receive a unique instrument of highest quality from my workshop. It goes without saying that you’ll find extensive and individual advisory service.

On the next page you’ll find pictures of my workshop. They demonstrate the long and careful process necessary for the building of a lyre. Furthermore, you’ll see photographs from exhibitions and presentations.

  Manfred Joecks