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„The lyre is a divine instrument.
It makes the soul vibrate with sound.”

The name “lyre” is derived from the Greek word “lyra”. This derivation from the Greek is not accidental because music played a prominent role in the traditional Greek education. The lyre was considered the symbol of the muses in general. Its sound is said to have a soothing effect on one hand and to move trees and rocks on the other hand.

For centuries, Greek classic education has strongly influenced the education and culture of the entire occident. Today the lyre gains renewed importance, mainly for teachers, therapists and artists.

This harplike instrument is placed on the lap and is played with both hands. This produces a harmonious sound. The lyre is mainly used in the areas of education, eurythmics and therapy. But it is also a concert instrument.

I’m happy to bring this instrument to life for you on these pages. You’ll find pictures of my workshop and an overview over the various lyre instruments with their individual shapes and richness of sound.

I would be happy if this presentation inspired you to experience the lyre yourself.

Manfred Joecks