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Big Soprano Lyre

Because of the lyre literature a bigger tonal range of the lyre has been desirable. And so I developed two somewhat bigger soprano lyres, the Solo Soprano Lyre and the new Solo Lyre. They have tonal ranges from e’’’ to H and have 42 strings.

Two Soundholes

The bridge over which the strings of the lyre are spanned, transfers the vibrations to the resonance top of the body of sound. I wanted to avoid interruption of the sound in its transfer from bridge to top plate and so - after many years of reflection and attempts - I built two soundholes.

When these modified lyres were presented the audience was able to clearly distinguish the sound of lyres with one soundhole and with two soundholes. An order from a representative Japanese agency followed. Pursuant to that the agency presented these lyres in Japan, and since that presentation many instruments have found their way to Japan.